Which herb extract to use?


We see them everyday! Everyone are seeking safer and more effective less deleterious alternatives to our current orthodox pharmaceutical medicines. Often realising that the body was not designed to be modulated/stimulated/sedated by harsh and concentrated pharmaceutical and other chemicals that many in themselves are toxic and lead to plenty  of undesired side effects.Botanical herbal extract excels in supporting most of our most common daily concerns and in so many instances far outshines pharmaceuticals and folks are realising this more and more.

In countries like China, Germany, and Japan botanical extract are used ahead of anything else, only after all botanical supplementation have been exhausted do they resort to pharmaceuticals in more serious cases. China has historically established herbal extract which spans over 5000 years of experience and effectiveness. Evidence of animals in the wild has shown that when they when they are sick they seek out specific plants instinctively to self treat themselves. Our ancestors learned over time which plants harmed them and which seemed to help them, the world over cultures have extensive systems based on plant healing many into fully established art and sciences, today there is research coming out daily on new properties and uses of plants and existing herbs, the potential is endless!

Herbal medicines are powerful and should be used with respect and by an experienced practitioner, there are many botanicals that should not be used in any circumstances in toddlers and babies, however there are many household herbs that one can use for common ailments that are very safe, effective and have a stellar track record as home remedies.

We find young children and toddlers are particularly sensitive and respond very well to herbal medicines. Botanical medicines do not disrupt the delicate internal ecological balance of small bodies; they work in harmony with the bodies natural processes and are gentler than allopathic chemicals.