The Science Behind the Supplements

Spectrum Support Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements represent a major evolutionary advancement in natural nutritional support for sensitive adults and children with environmental health issues. Spectrum Support formulas were painstakingly formulated for his own children by Michael Lang, our late founder, a nutritionist and independent biochemistry researcher.
Spectrum Support liquid supplements are fundamentally different than other multivitamins:
  • The nutrients are delivered in extremely small particles, suspended in a technically advanced ultra-colloidal liquid suspension.  This allows them to be extremely well absorbed, even if the digestive tract is inflamed or not functioning well.
  • The formulas are designed to be well-tolerated, even by extremely sensitive people. They are hypoallergenic and very low in phenols. 
  • Each ingredient has been chosen for bioavailability and purity, and each formula has been carefully balanced to work synergistically, including co-factors to help each nutrient be absorbed and utilized.
There are two kinds of Spectrum Support multivitamins: “regular” and “sensitive” formulas.
The regular vitamin and mineral formulas include a proprietary blend of gentle but effective herbs, which gently enhance natural detoxification, immune, gastrointestinal and metabolic function. 
Our two sensitive formulas contain the same pharmaceutical grade nutrients as the regular formulas, without herbs.  These formulas are designed for those who do not prefer to take herbs.
The Spectrum Support liquid formulas offer flexible levels of supplementation, designed to effectively meet the individual special needs of sensitive people, and can be custom-tailored to a variety of needs and body weights.
  • Most adults will start out using Spectrum Support I (SSI) and work up to the more intense formulas as needed, or as their doctor recommends. 
  • Most children needing extra brain support use either Spectrum Support II with PAK (SSIIPAK) or original Spectrum Support II (SSII). 
  • After a few months, depending on their individual needs or the recommendation of their doctor, some move "up" to a more intense level of supplement, or "down" to a milder formula.
  • The main difference between the various levels of Spectrum Support supplements is the level of B vitamins and detoxification support. 
  • All Spectrum Support formulas have separate vitamin and mineral components. Having the vitamins and the minerals separated this way provides excellent flexibility for addressing a broad range of  individualized metabolic needs and fine tuning dosages.
All of the Spectrum Support formulas utilize scientifically advanced, well absorbed and bioavailable forms of key vitamins and minerals in carefully established and metabolically significant dosages.
The formulas contain a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and herb blends designed to slow and reverse metabolic imbalances.  All Spectrum Support formulas are designed to provide comprehensive metabolic support for body systems that may have fallen out of their normal balance and rhythm.


The Regular Formulas:

Spectrum Support I, II/II with PAK & III

In the Spectrum Support Vitamin and Mineral Formulas, the Base nutrients are complemented by a selection of sophisticated, targeted proprietary herb blends.  These formulas provide three different levels of nutritional support, making them appropriate for a wide range of individuals. 
Spectrum Support I offers optimally absorbed nutritional support appropriate for people without major health concerns. 
Spectrum Support II with PAK offers moderate intensity support; designed for use by people with autism and others needing higher levels of vitamin B6.  Less-active PAK form of vitamin B6 is a little milder than active P5P form.*
Spectrum Support II offers moderate intensity support with active B6; designed for use by people with autism and others needing higher levels of vitamin B6.  Great for those who need lots of B6, this formula uses the active P5P form.* 
Spectrum Support III offers our highest intensity of multivitamins, for those with autism and others needing extra vitamin, detoxification and metabolic support.    
*The form of vitamin B6 used is the ONLY difference between SSII with PAK and SSII vitamins.

The Sensitive Formulas:

Ultra Sensitive & Advanced Sensitive

Our two 'sensitive' formulas do not do not include herbs, and are designed for extra-sensitive individuals, who may need to use smaller doses, and for those who prefer not to take herbs.  These formulas are approved for use on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
Ultra-Sensitive features reduced ingredients in the vitamin component particularly, intended to be very easily tolerated, even by the most sensitive 5% of individuals who cannot tolerate most multivitamins. Ultra-Sensitive Minerals are identical to Spectrum Support Minerals, (used with SSI, SSII, SSIII), except with no herbs or MSM. They are also very well tolerated by exceptionally sensitive people.
Advanced Sensitive is a moderate dosage formula, similar to Spectrum Support II, but without herbs or NAC, TMG, MSM and DMAE.  Advanced Sensitive is designed for herb-sensitive people or those using methyl B12 shots or other custom biomedical programs, or those who prefer to avoid some nutrients. Spectrum Support Advanced Sensitive is also our only low-oxalate formula, designed in collaboration with well-known oxalate researcher Susan Owens.


What’s in the Spectrum Support Formulas

  • The Spectrum Support formulas include natural or hypoallergenic forms of each nutrient.  The ingredients are pharmaceutical quality and have been carefully selected for optimal absorption and lowest chance of allergic reactions or intolerance. 


  • Natural lemon and lime extracts and low-glycemic index glycerine are used to create naturally good-tasting liquid vitamins and minerals.  BrainChild liquids contain no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or sodium benzoate preservative. 


  • BrainChild Nutritionals supplements DO NOT CONTAIN: egg, wheat, wheat germ oil, gluten, dairy, casein, yeast, corn, soy or refined sugars.  Every effort has been made to avoid any significant sources of natural salicylates, phenols, or benzoates, and all our formulas are Feingold acceptable for Stage I.


  • All Spectrum Support formulas use pro-vitamin A carotenoids rather than vitamin A palmitate.  Carotenoids are converted by the body to vitamin A as needed.  All of our vitamin formulas may be easily used in conjunction with fish oil or vitamin A without fear of taking too much.
  • Most formulas are available “unflavored”, which means sweetened with vegetable glycerine, but without any flavoring added.  The vitamin formulas are also available with natural lemon and lime flavoring added. 



Useful facts about Spectrum Support Vitamin and Mineral Formulas
Suggested dosage of our liquid vitamins and minerals is based upon body weight and can be adjusted for anyone from 25 to 200 pounds. It is possible to switch between different Spectrum Support Formulas easily, as the dosages by weight are the same for all formulas.
  • The vitamins and minerals are in two separate bottles, which allows fine tuning of the dosage for each.


  • Very sensitive individuals often tell us that they cannot tolerate some brands of vitamins, even though their doctors have determined that they need the nutrients.  We find that if a sensitive person can start with a very low dose of one of our formulas, it can be slowly increased after a few months, as the body often starts being able to use nutrients better and better over time.  Sensitive people are often able to progress from a lower intensity to a higher one over a period of weeks or months (e.g. from Spectrum Support II to Spectrum Support III), and are much more able to tolerate and use crucial nutrients which they could not take before.


  • Natural is not always Best.  In some cases natural forms of a nutrient may be from an allergenic source, or may not be pure enough to meet our standards.   In these cases, we use the best quality, most bioavailable synthetic nutrients.  NOTE: This is the first time we have used this point.  Should we use it, or will it cause too much negative customer reaction?  It’s very accurate, but not a popular view.