Recommended Programs


Natural Candida Program

An effective, gentle approach to fighting candida, parasites, bacteria and dysbiosis in the gut. Many children on the spectrum suffer from chronic dysbiosis of their digestive system, including yeast, bacteria and other issues. Many adults also have candida overgrowth, due to the carb and sugar heavy western diet, and environmental health imbalances, which can effect digestion, vitality and cognitive function.

Our effective yet gentle natural yeast program was developed for sensitive people, and features a rotation of natural antifungals, along with enzymes to weaken the yeast cell walls, and probiotics to help with gut oxygenation and Body pH.

Immune Defense Program

Many environmentally sensitive people and kids with autism have weakened immune systems, overloaded from the stress of dealing with toxins and allergens. Even with good nutrition and supplements on board, they still catch every cold or flu bug that comes along. This program is for these folks. It adds more of carefully chosen supplements to help support your natural immune defenses, strengthening the body's wonderful natural ability to fight off invaders. This program can be used seasonally, to build up immune strength before cold season or allergy season, or all year long, for those individuals with chronic immune problems

Who Needs Immune Defense?

•  People with chronic viruses.

•  People with autoimmune disorders or those who take steroids.

•  People who catch lots of colds, flu or lung infections.

•  People who work or study in high-exposure environments - classrooms, hospitals, airplanes, etc.

•  People who work in harsh weather conditions, eat poorly, or don’t get enough sleep.

•  People who are under high amounts of stress.