To be the most trusted, convenient, cost effective online destination for concierge level family medicine everywhere

The Problem

Average waiting times to see a Doctor are long


Doctor visits are time consuming, inconvenient and expensive

And that's just for the actual visit:
Making an appointment with a Doctor - takes time
Waiting for the appoint with the Doctor - takes time
Traveling to the Doctor - takes time
Sitting in the waiting room - takes time
Waiting to be seen by the Doctor - takes time
Waiting for your prescription - takes time
Paying the bill - takes time
Getting coverage from your insurance company - takes time
Traveling to the pharmacy - takes time
Waiting in line to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy - takes time
Healthcare in the US has become more transactional and the role of the family doctor has largely been replaced by urgent care clinics and specialists
As such, consumers are denied continuity of care through their entire life
Why is this important?
Humans develop different health concerns as they age - from babies to youths to adults to middle age to old age 
Preventative healthcare and maintenance needs are neglected 

Consumers with means have access to concierge healthcare providers who:

Utilize modern technology to communicate with their patients saving time and money
Provide comprehensive healthcare services to their patients including:
Healthcare champion
Get seen quickly
access to the best specialists and other services
expert second opinions
comprehensive testing and monitoring
centralized, convenient and accessible medical records
Access to pharmacist clinicians who can develop the best medication protocols, optimize overall drug spend and save time through home delivery

Why we Created Ziggy Health

We created a more efficient, cost effective, modern healthcare brand to bring concierge medicine to everyone at an affordable price

Our Philosophy

Healthcare should be fast, easy, affordable while maintaining the highest standard of care
Everyone needs a Health Care Champion
Maintenance and prevention techniques and treatments are important and should be available to everyone
These though should not be intrusive and are a matter of personal choice
Continuity of care through your entire life is desirable: from conception to twilight years 
You shouldn't have to go to the Doctors office for every health concern
The latest communication technology should be available to everyone to make care affordable, and convenient while ensuring the highest quality of care
You have a right to maintain and manage your health records and data

Our Team

We are a team of expert medical professionals dedicated to improving the cost, convenience and quality of care of family medicine.