A Few Of Our Testimonials

My little boy has been taking Spectrum Support I for three weeks with wonderful results. His speech has gone from one word phrases to 2-3 word phrases, his stimming has gone from 25% of the day to one time on average every 3-4 days, and his appetite is back in full swing. For me, these things are miracles.
-- Nicole, Montana

Thank you for the great customer support. And thank you for saving our daughter who is beating autism and closing gaps with her peers. Every day for the past four years I have been thankful we discovered Ziggy Health
-- Terry, Sydney, Australia

Thank you, and your wonderful company, for all that you all do. Without your products, I can't even imagine how different, and how bad, my son's life would be. He is not autistic, or any other single diagnostic category, but he must be somewhere on the "Spectrum", because he has tendencies from lots of things. Your High-quality, Feingold- friendly supplements are part of the support system that allows our son to be all that he can be!

My Son was developmentally delayed, violent, and suicidal at the age of six. After four and a half year of your supplements, extensive neurofeedback treatments, and four years of Occupational Therapy, he is now almost 11 years old - and he is thriving. He reads at about an eighth grade level; he is a knowledgeable history enthusiast; he just got his yellow belt in Aikido; he excels at chess; he helps me manage a small horse farm; and he successfully rides our over-sixteen-hands high Thoroughbred mare.

Much more importantly, he is doing well with his spiritual and emotional well-being, and with his interpersonal relationships! So, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to share our success story, which is partly YOUR success story. Your company is one of the blessings for which I and my family are thankful.
May God richly bless you, 
-- Marlana, South Carolina

These vitamins and minerals were our first step to healthy living, diet changes, and better nutrition. Within the first few weeks of starting Spectrum Support II vitamins and minerals, my son had better days at home and school. He seemed more focused and calm... Teachers immediately noticed a difference. He has made unbelievable improvements in his behavior (hardly any tantrums), and learning. He used to have only a two-minute attention span. Now, my son has a brand new treatment plan [at school] that went from about six goals to now three goals. My husband and I are so pleased with your products. You have given us so much hope! Thank you!
-- Maria, California